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Classical Arts Transportation : WEDDINGS

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is also one of the most stressful days. Let Classical Arts Transportation


Classical Arts Transportation has a diverse fleet of transportation options for you to choose from. Each vehicle in our fleet is top of the line. Be assured that all of our vehicles are clean and well-maintained. We guarantee the best service!


We provide:


  • Executive Coach Buses for Weddings
  • Mini Buses for Weddings
  • Sprinter Vans for Weddings

How do you choose the best option for you?


Executive Coach Buses for Weddings


Our executive coach buses are perfect for a big wedding where you need to transport between 40-56 people. Whether it’s transporting your group to a church or venue, Classical Arts Transportation will help make your event go as smooth as possible. 


Mini Buses for Weddings


If you have a small party, you might do better chartering a mini bus. This is perfect if you have a party of up to 28 people.


We guarantee that all of our mini buses are clean and well maintained, giving an executive feeling.


Sprinter Vans for Weddings


If you have up to 13 people in your party, sprinter vans are a great choice for you. It is perfect to transport your wedding entourage. Our sprinter vans are very sleek and spacious.


Classical Arts Transportation can provide transportation for:


  • Weddings in New York City
  • Weddings in New Jersey
  • Weddings in Connecticut
  • Weddings in Philadelphia


If we did not mention your city or state above, give us a call. We might still be able to help you!


Be sure to contact us at 1-877-777-6688 to find out more about our executive coach buses, mini buses and sprinter vans! Let Classical Arts Transportation help make your wedding day even more memorable without the stress!